How will my application be prioritised?

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How will my application be prioritised?
We allocate vacant homes to applicants in priority order. Your level of priority will depend on your circumstances.

Manchester Council Re-housing Policy
Manchester Councils new re-housing policy come into effect on Monday 21st February 2011.

Band one is for people who have an urgent need to move.

Bands two and three are for people with a specif need to move.

Bands four and five are for people who want to move but don't have specific needs or level of need that puts them in higher bands.

Band six is a reduced priority band for people who don't live in Manchester and who have no connection to the city. Or if you have rent arrears or have broken a tenancy agreement. You go into this band if you have 60,000 plus or have assets or savings worth 75,000 or more.

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For more information on any of the above options, please contact Eastlands Homes or complete an online form with your query by clicking here.