Looking For a Home

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Just one form
Eastlands Homes is a member of the Manchester Housing Register, which means you only need to complete one application and you'll be automatically be considered for homes with other not-for-profit landlords.

How to apply for a home
If you are already an Eastlands Homes customer, call your local Eastline team to make an appointment to see your Housing Officer.  If you are not currently one of our tenants, you can apply online by visiting the Manchester Move website - click here to view the site.

You cannot be registered on the Housing Register until you have completed and returned this form. In some situations we will not accept an application if you have been evicted from a house previously

If you need help completing the form our staff can help you. If you are housebound we can arrange a home visit from our staff to help you complete the form. We can also arrange for translators.

What if I am homeless or have an urgent housing need for rehousing?
If you think you may become homeless or are at risk of losing your current accommodation then you need to contact Manchester City Council on 0161 234 4847.

How long will I have to wait for a home?
It depends on your circumstances and which areas you choose, as well as the type and size of property you want.  As soon as we have processed your application we will let you know which priority group you have been placed in.